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Glen Muick (3 to 4 hours)

One of the most popular excursions for those new to the area and gives the option of a visit to Knocks Castle.

Glen Muick is usually the best place to start with most excursions seeing three species of Deer, two species of Grouse, Red Squirrel, and a variety of other birdlife. For much of the year excluding July, August and early September this is a good area to see Black Grouse, with their displaying behaviour at a peak in March, April and May.

Included in the Glen Muick excursion is a site for Osprey when in season, followed by a drive around the wider area of Ballater heading out on a scenic route as far as Balmoral Castle area and Golden Eagle possibilities on the return journey or farther afield by arrangement.

Early starts or later finishes catch the wildlife is at its’ most active. Timings are arranged on a trip by trip basis, dependent on the time of year and the client’s preference.

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